Underhell Chapter One – Anniversary

Hello everyone! In case some of you are not following the news on ModDB, I have recently posted an article there about the progress of the development cycle of the game, and other current projects.

You can check the post over here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/underhell/news/underhell-chapter-one-anniversary




Long story short, we are currently busy recreating content and assets for the game in order to be able to release it on Steam thanks to all your votes on Steam Greenlight!

So stay tuned for more updates, it may take a while for us to recreate all this content but it’s coming.

I know that waiting is hard, but eventually it’s worth it.


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Underhell #3 Editor Choice MOTY and 6# Player Choice

Thanks to everyone who voted for Underhell, we have achieved the #6 position in the 2013 Mod Of The Year awards, that is better than #10 position of the 2011!

Let’s hope we’ll keep climbing for the future chapters !











Thank you for your support, it means everything to us! See you soon!

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Vote for Underhell for the 2013 Mod Of The Year awards!

Hey everyone!

The 2013 Mod Of The Year awards are now open for voting!

You can help Underhell win, by voting for it, if you think it deserves your vote!

2013 Mod of the Year Awards via Mod DB


Thank you!

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