Underhell Chapter One Feature Showcase Videos

Hello everyone, and welcome to these Features Showcase videos!

I hope you enjoy these lengthy clips that will surely introduce you to some of Underhell’s new mechanics, as well as it’s ambience!


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Vote for Underhell on ModDB’s Mod Of The Year !

ModDB’s Mod Of The Year awards are open! Vote for Underhell if you think it deserves it!

2012 Mod of the Year Awards via Mod DB

Also, vote on Greenlight if you want to see Underhell on Steam!


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Underhell Chapter One : Sneak Gameplay Demonstration

After 3 months of being quiet, here is the first Gameplay Video of Underhell Chapter One, showcasing the sneaky and infiltration gameplay aspect of the game.

1 : None of the AI behavior is scripted
2 : The Dynamic Music is entirely in game until the final montage.
3 : It is still a work in progress.

Make sure to read the tutorial to Understand how this works!


Mod DB Page : http://www.moddb.com/mods/underhell

Steam Community Page : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Underhell

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